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Olivewood Carving

A Traditional Art and Livelihood for Holy Land Christians The Olivewood carving industry has evolved as a cultural tradition of the Christians over many centuries.

Many Holy Land Christians in the Bethlehem area alone rely upon income generated from this art form. The items are carved by local craftsmen.

Many families are facing critical situations. Without income, many craftsmen and families leave their traditional trade and emigrate with their families to find relief from the difficult conditions of their Homeland.

A Christian presence in the Holy land has extended from Pentecost to the present 60 years ago, Christians represented more than 28% of the population and now represent less than 2%.

The loss of Christians in the land of Christianity’s birth will represent a tragedy of immeasurable proportions for the billions of Christians worldwide. Thank you for your vital support for a Christian Tradition and in protecting this very important culture and industry.

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